I need a kidney donor

My kidney function is at stage 5–also known as end-stage kidney failure. I began dialysis in May 2013 and have been searching for an altruistic kidney donor for almost two years. My family members and several friends have all been eliminated as potential donors, either by my transplant team or their circumstances.

With just under 100,000 folks waiting for kidney transplants in the US alone…and the wait list for a non-living donor being 4–7 years…my situation is fairly desperate.

If you would consider donating a kidney in my name or know someone who would, here’s how.

Please explore my site–I hope it’s helpful for those like me who are searching for a kidney donor, for potential donors, and loved ones who are part of a support network.


Two years ago my wife Laura thought we should start this site to provide information for those affected by polycystic kidney disease, especially family members. In the process, the site would call attention to my need for a transplant.

When I was first diagnosed with PKD in late 1997, just 3 weeks before traveling to China to adopt our older daughter, Laura searched the internet and didn’t come away with much understanding. Advances in search engines and creation of The National Registry have changed that, but putting it all together can still be quite elusive. So during the past two years we have compiled links to good PKD resources and a blog with stories that I hope will lift your spirits.

Laura is especially fond of the Cold Spring Harbor link; when Sam, my online advocate, showed it to us, PKD all clicked together for her. The blog and our links walk you through medical issues stemming from kidney failure, PKD and transplants, testing and insurance coverage, recuperation, types of transplants, research to lessen rejection rates, etc.


How You Can Help Me

If you have type A or O blood, we may be a direct match, but it doesn’t matter if we’re a direct match or not: Anyone who donates a kidney on my behalf through the Transplant Unit at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC will get me into a matched living-donor kidney exchange run by the National Kidney Registry–and a transplant–relatively soon.

I very much hope someone who reads my website will become my living kidney donor. My wife and 2 teenage daughters would be so grateful if you phone Mt Sinai for an initial screening (212-659-8024) and give my name and date of birth: Neil Jaffee, March 21, 1943.

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